Tesla Cybertruck And Electric Pickup Truck Overload

Electric pickups are coming, and we’ve got ’em all here

Tesla has grabbed most of the electric pickup headlines with their futuristic Cybertruck. The upstart Rivian has also garnered a lot of attention with the R1T pickup, as has Hummer more recently with the announcement that GM is bringing back the discontinued brand which will now be all-electric trucks.  

However, while these might be the most talked-about electric trucks coming to market, they are far from the only ones. Americans love their pickup trucks and buy nearly three million of them per year. Heck, I’ve been driving electric cars for 11 years now and I still have a pickup truck in my driveway, a 2016 Toyota Tacoma. That’s because I know first hand how versatile and useful having a pickup truck can be. 

The Rivian R1T