Strange new road layout with two cycle lanes attacked by furious drivers

Fosse Road North in Leicester was overhauled in recent months by the local council, with it being estimated to have cost around £10million.

The new road markings now feature a two-way cycle lane and central bus lane, as well as double yellow lines and a larger path for pedestrians.

Despite the new layout and resurfaced road and pavement, many drivers are furious with the changes, branding it a “waste of money” and predicting that it would cause “chaos”.

Leicester City Council posted a picture of the new road layout to their Facebook page on Friday, announcing that it would be reopening to traffic in both directions.

The post was met with bewilderment and over 900 comments, many of which took aim at the road design.

One commenter said: “What in the hell have you done to this road!? Thought you were making it less confusing – not more.”

Another said: “More room for cyclists and less for us motorists! Yet another fine example of (Mayor) Soulsby’s money wasting!”

A third frustrated resident added: “I drive down here on a very regular basis. What they have done?

“Looks absolutely shocking. The road under the bridge was narrow before but God Almighty…”

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One driver even joked that the new layout looked like a children’s road map carpet, complete with different coloured lanes and lines.

The changes were designed to improve the area and ease congestion fears, with the road acting as a main artery to the city centre.

Gwen and Mike Thompson live near the road and branded the new layout “stupid”, lamenting the fact that the pavement for pedestrians had seemingly been made smaller.

They added that people around the area have told them that they will “avoid it like the plague” and will find and take alternative routes.

Martin Fletcher, city highways director, defended the road markings, stating that the entire design was in accordance with Department for Transport guidelines.

The Council have stated that thousands of bus users across the city will see benefits with reduced waiting times thanks to the dedicated bus lane.

Mr Fletcher continued, saying: “In real terms it isn’t much of a change in terms of traffic flow. The two-way flow is still there; it is still as it was.

“We have just repurposed some of the road space and widened the footpath and roadway to give us that extra width for the bus bypass lane to get to the junction quicker.”

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