Spontaneous Tesla Model 3 Glass Shattering Captured By Sentry Mode

Oh, the irony! Ameya Amritwar also told us more about his story.

Good stories often start with one situation that uncovers others that were not public until the first story comes to light. That is why we always publish situations that could be limited to just one case and ask if anyone else was also affected. That usually triggers a reaction that lets us see how frequent a car issue might be.

After Balaji Simma was accused of editing a video to make it look like a glass in his Model 3 shattered by itself, Fernando Khounphithach got in touch to share his story and a video of what happened to him. You can see it above.

Pay careful attention at around 0:04. That is when the glass from the left rear door starts to fall into pieces spontaneously. Ironically, Tesla Sentry Mode filmed the whole situation.

“It happened on January 21 at around 7:06 AM at my driveway. The alarm was activated on its own with no one around the vehicle. The load alarm – music at max volume – activated for a long time until it shut off by itself. I did open the door to look at my car, but I didn’t see anything. So I went back inside to grab my phone, but the alarm shut off first, so I just stayed inside. My wife also looked outside since she got the notification, too. She saw the shattered window and went out.”

Khounphithach lives in Rhode Island. When he realized what happened, he thought he would find who had done that with the help of the Sentry Mode video.

“I reviewed all the footage to see who or what activated the alarm. I didn’t see anyone around at all. So I towed it to the Tesla Service Center at Warwick. They reviewed all the footage and have no explanation for what happened. Everything was covered, including the loaner. They fixed it in less than a week. Tesla will also cover the repaint of the door, but I haven’t received any call yet.”

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With the trickiest part already settled, Khounphithach now wants to know what happened, but the Tesla Service Center seems to be still struggling to find the causes.

“They checked the logs on the computer and the video footage. Despite keeping the car a bit longer to diagnose the issue, they came with no explanations so far.”