Solid Power Thinks It Can Start Selling All-Solid-State Batteries In 2021

But hold your horses: automotive applications will only happen by 2026.

Not long ago, Toyota said it would have presented EVs powered by solid-state batteries at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. That was enough to make people realize that what seemed like a distant future is finally around the corner. But when will we have solid-state batteries (SSB)? According to Solid Power, in 2021, but there’s a catch: automotive validation processes will make cars take more time to present them, according to its CEO, Doug Campbell.

“For non-auto applications, early commercialization can occur out of Solid Power’s existing facility as soon as next year. Solid-state commercialization in EVs is coming in the middle part of this decade. Solid Power is expecting vehicle start-of-production in the 2026-2027 timeframe.” 

Solid Power is developing SSB with manufacturers such as BMW and Ford for quite some time already. As the video above shows, it has chosen to use sulfides to create its solid electrolyte. The company is so proud of the results it even calls its battery in a different way: it is an all-solid-state battery – or ASSB.

“Solid Power refers to our cells as ‘all-solid-state’ because we have created an electrolyte that is truly all solid. There are various groups that make the claim of solid-state batteries while using more of a hybrid electrolyte that includes liquid or gel components. We have completely removed the flammable liquid electrolyte and replaced it with our solid ion-conducting sulfide electrolyte. These hybrid solid-liquid electrolytes don’t reap the benefits of added safety at the cell and pack level, which is why we refer to our solution as ASSB to differentiate from a hybrid or semi-solid solution.”