Solaris' Recurring Customer Orders 20 More Electric Buses

The local transport company in Jaworzno, Poland intends to electrify 80% of its fleet with battery-electric buses by mid-2021

Poland emerges as one of the top battery-electric bus markets in Europe, where some local operators are already gearing up for a major switch to EVs.

This week Solaris announced a new order for 20 electric buses from the public transport company in Jaworzno, which already operates 23 electric Solaris buses.

Once the new fleet is deployed (five low-floor Urbino 8,9 LE electric this year and 15 Urbino 12 electric during the first-half of 2021), the EV share will increase to 80%! Hopefully, others will follow.

“There can only be one future for the transport in Jaworzno: electric vehicles. It was the city of Jaworzno where the first electric bus in Poland hit the road in 2015. Today, 23 electric buses painted in the operator PKM Jaworzno’s sky blue, are driving around the city. All of them were made by Solaris. Great performance parameters of e-buses and their quality have reaffirmed the operator in its conviction that it has taken the right path and that the future of public transport are electric vehicles. As a result of the contract for the delivery of another 20 battery buses, signed in the past few days, 80% of the fleet will consist of electric vehicles made by Solaris cruising the streets in Jaworzno.”

Both models were ordered with 160 kWh batteries as the operator PKM Jaworzno intends to charge the buses on-route at up to 190 kW via pantograph.

“All vehicles ordered by the customer will be fitted by Solaris with 160 kWh Solaris High Energy batteries. The operator PKM Jaworzno charges the batteries of its electric buses by means of pantograph chargers of up to 190 kW and via plug-in connectors. This will also be the case here. Both in the 9-metre and in the 12-metre version, the heart of the vehicle will be a 160 kW central electric motor.”

The expansion of the fleet will be accompanied by new charging infrastructure:

Here is one of the pantograph charging stations:

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