Skoda Superb iV Is A Lot Of PHEV For The Money

In-depth video review takes nearly an hour to go through all its features.

Skoda is a brand that focuses a lot on value and while this may be apparent with pretty much all their offerings, it’s most evident in its flagship model. The Superb iV plug-in hybrid has so many qualities that it’s very hard to argue against it, and it’s really not expensive for what you’re getting.

If you live in the U.S. and aren’t familiar with Skoda, it’s a Czech brand owned by VW and it shares platforms, powertrains and tech with its parent company. But where it stands out is in the value for money department, with its vehicles often punching above their weight (and price).

And this is the case with the Superb, which has been recently facelifted and it has also been made available with a plug-in hybrid powertrain for the very first time. Skoda has been rolling out PHEVs across its lineup and the Superb iV is the largest it currently offers.

Just like its VW group PHEV stablemates, the Superb iV is motivated by a 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine which together with an electric motor makes 215 horsepower. Its 13 kWh battery pack gives it a claimed WLTP all-electric range of 55 km (34 miles).

Aside from this, it offers the usual Superb staples: a very well built interior that is as spacious as what you might expect to see in a car from one or two size classes above and a driving experience that’s aimed more towards comfort than outright sportiness. If you want to take in all its details, you can check out this lengthy Autogefuhl review of the Superb iV, although you might want to grab some popcorn because it’s almost an hour long.

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