Skoda 1203 Reimagined As A Modern Electric Van

It looks like a cousin to the Volkswagen ID. BUZZ.

Skoda has just shared a reimagined concept version of its legendary Skoda 1203 model (unveiled in 1968), designed by contemporary designer Daniel Hájek.

The new images present a camper van with a “pop top” roof, which in theory might be conventionally powered or all-electric. We guess that the second option is more appropriate, and actually, the concept reminds us of the all-electric Volkswagen ID. BUZZ.

We would not be surprised if Skoda would introduce its own version of the ID. BUZZ, as the MEB-platform is widely available for all brands within the Volkswagen Group.

Daniel Hájek said that a vehicle like that would be great for the Skoda brand today, perfectly embodying the brand’s values: “practicality, a lot of interior space and Simply Clever solutions.”

The designer explained also that he didn’t want to make the concept too obviously retro.

Inside, the dashboard is very simple, with only a small display. There is no infotainment as the vision is to use your own phone or tablet.

“So Daniel’s 1203 got a “double peak”, as the designer describes the slightly protruding edges of the roof and radiator grille that have sharper lines than the rounded features of the original. He replaced the 1203 horizontal perimeter lines with the “tornado line” that typify today’s ŠKODA cars and endowed his creation with a very up-to-date light signature. “I thought long and hard about how to reference the original’s round lights without them being too retro. That’s why there’s just a hint of some curves here, but otherwise the light signature is new and bold,” says Daniel.

The vehicle’s rear end was the toughest nut to crack for Daniel. “The original 1203 is relatively narrow. Modern cars are much broader, and what’s more I was trying to come up with a way to reference the headlights, which were the same on the 1203 as on the 1000 MB,” he explains. So the van is optically widened by the horizontal lines. The slanting sides and relatively narrow roof pay homage to the 1203’s slender frame.”

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