Shaq Arrived At US Grand Prix In A Crazy Custom Cadillac With Horns

Shaquille O’Neal is a big dude. You don’t need a big Cadillac to understand that, but seeing him in the back of a massive, classic Caddy certainly puts it into perspective. The retired NBA star takes up the entire rear seat of this stretched, roofless limo as he parades through last weekend’s big Formula 1 race in Texas. As the caretaker for the race trophy, one must ride in style. Texas-style, that is.

That explains why this crazy horn-endowed Cadillac took part in the F1 trophy ceremony, and it’s certainly a car large enough to fit the 7′ 1″ basketball pro. Shaq was chosen to deliver the trophy at the conclusion of the 2021 US Grand Prix, which took place this past weekend at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin. It was F1’s return to the States after last year’s race was canceled due to COVID, and from what we gather, Shaq didn’t go unnoticed by fans – or pretty much anyone for that matter.

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On stage for the trophy presentation, the sports legend was nearly as tall as race winner Max Verstappen standing on the first-place podium. He stood above Lewis Hamilton on the second-place podium, not to mention Sergio Pérez who finished third.


Verstappen started the event on the pole and held off a hard-charging Hamilton in the last few laps to take the victory. However, the bevy of Shaq memes and tweets about his larger-than-life presence on stage makes him an unofficial winner at the event.

Shaq might be talented at many things, but it’s safe to say this is as close as he will ever get to standing on an F1 podium to claim a race win. The cockpit of a modern F1 car may not even fit one of his legs, never mind the rest of him. Considering the smiles and handshakes during the ceremony, we suspect he’s cool just hanging out with the crowd.


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