See Expected Shape Of Tesla Giga Austin Stamping Pit

Let’s take a look at the latest batch of videos, recorded on November 20, 2020.

The work at Tesla Giga Austin in Texas progresses quickly and within just a few days, the number of concrete columns has increased from one to seven.

According to the invaluable video reports from Joe Tegtmeyer, in total there will be 48 columns at the stamping facility, arranged as ion the visualisation below. The red elements are the expected bridge cranes.

The second biggest thing that we can note is that Tesla started to build the second floor of the steel structure (right image below).

Overall, the construction moves forward everywhere we look. There are tons of new foundations, some bigger than others. We guess that within a few more weeks the buildings will start to take shape.

Tesla Gigafactory 5 in Austin, Texas:

  • started on July 17, 2020, and announced on July 23, 2020
  • Cybertruck: in development, unveiled in late 2019, production from late 2021
  • Model Y: an additional production site in the U.S. (no word about the Model 3)
  • Semi: in development. To be launched in 2021, but (not yet confirmed for Texas)
  • 2,481 acres of land (2,100 acres initially plus additional 381 acres acquired in September 2020)


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