See Electric Fire Truck Demonstrated In Tucson, Arizona

There are only four of those in the world.

One of Rosenbauer’s electric fire trucks earlier this month visited the Tucson Fire Department in Arizona to demonstrate the performance and features.

The “Revolutionary Technology” (RT) vehicle is a plug-in vehicle (EREV), which, depending on version, can be equipped with 50 kWh or 100 kWh battery to conduct the basic operations in EV mode (especially when stationary).

The main power source remains a six-cylinder diesel engine, which acts also a generator. The vehicle has a power export feature (up to 18 kW) to power-up the external equipment.

According to media reports, the ordinary fire truck cost about $700,000, while this futuristic plug-in version starts above $1 million. Only time will tell whether the difference will be worth paying.

Who knows, maybe at some point the battery prices and energy density will come to a point at which an all-electric version with a 500 kWh or 1 MWh pack will be a reasonable choice.

Rosenbauer’s electric fire truck “Revolutionary Technology” (RT) specs:

  • 50 kWh battery pack (standard, 550 kg) or 100 kWh (option)
  • Volvo Penta electric driveline
  • dual motor all-wheel drive (one electric motor per axle, with two-speed gearbox each)
  • system output of up to 360 kW (490 HP) and up to 50,000 Nm for all wheels
    a six-cylinder diesel engine with an output of 200 kW (272 HP) and a power generator
  • DC fast charging at up to 150 kW (50-80% in one hour in the case of 100 kWh version)
  • power export feature of up to 18 kW
  • 2.35 m wide and 7.30 m long with a wheelbase of 3,800 m (also available with wheelbases of 4,100 mm and 4,400 mm), height is 2.90 m
  • total weight of 18 tons

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