SEAT Presents Electric Bloodstream Of Mii Electric

See the SEAT Mii electric key components (battery, motor, inverter, charger, DC/DC converter) and a thicket of electrical harnesses

SEAT recently released a set of new images with a detailed technical look of its all-electric SEAT Mii electric model and tried to briefly explain how it works.

This new entry-level subcompact BEV is basically the same as the 2nd model evolution Volkswagen e-up! and the Škoda CITIGOe iV, therefore all three are called “electric triplets” from the Volkswagen Group.

“When Benjamin Franklin opened the way to an electric world in 1752, he probably never imagined that one day the energy that moved a key attached to the tail of a kite would drive a car. Today’s vehicles can be charged from a household socket. They are more sustainable, have a lower cost per kilometer and deliver the same (or even better) performance. But do we know how electric cars work? We find out by taking a close look inside the Mii electric.”

SEAT Mii electric