‘Scrape frost off first thing’: Drivers given Met Office weather warning to start the day

UK weather: Met Office warns of 'cold and frost'

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Drivers are being warned to stay safe when driving this morning as the weather continues to get colder. The Met Office tweeted out that drivers should prepare for “frost in places” as it would be “a cold start” in the south and south east.

As the temperatures continue to drop, drivers are advised to stay protected by making frequent checks on their car to lower the chances of a breakdown.

In a further tweet, the Met Office warned drivers, saying: “It will turn cold under clear skies this evening.

“With a touch of frost in parts of north England before a blanket of cloud lets temperatures recover here later.

“Clear skies hang on in the south, and you may need to scrape frost off your car first thing Friday morning.”

Drivers are urged to do a number of basic winter checks before setting off.

Using a de-icer or ice scraper on vehicle windows is key to clearing the frost off before driving off.

Motorists are dissuaded from using their car heater to melt it away as this will take up additional energy from the car.

Whilst doing this, drivers should ensure that their demisters are working properly in case they need to use them on their journey.

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One of the common myths with winter weather often causes damage to cars when drivers try to clear their windscreen of frost.

Pouring boiling water on your windscreen is, without doubt, the fastest way to clear away – but the shift in extreme temperatures can crack or even shatter the glass.

Swinton Insurance advises: “Use a de-icer spray or a salt and water mixture to clear away the ice; table salt will do.

“Saltwater freezes at a lower temperature than normal water and so it will melt the ice away.

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