Santa Had A Rally Good Christmas Driving This 400-HP E36 M3 Race Car

From Finland, with love.

As we prepare to send 2020 into the annals of history, there’s one man determined to not let the year pass quietly into the night. We mean that literally, so when you punch the play button on this short-but-awesome video, be prepared for an aural assault of unrestricted inline-six glory.

Of course, that one man is Santa Claus, who seems to be struggling with some back issues in this festive video. Then again, if we’d spent 24 hours lugging a heavy sack of presents all around the world, we would feel a bit stiff, too. Thankfully, this sore Santa comes upon the very best cure for all ailments – gratuitous horsepower turning the rear wheels.

It’s better than that, though. This is a classic BMW M3 from the E36 era, and it’s prepped for a bit of winter-time off-road rally fun. We don’t know the details of the car, other than it has 400 hp (294 kilowatts) and absolutely no restrictions in the exhaust. This car sounds epic under full throttle, and Santa clearly knows a thing or two about driving in the snow. Granted, a set of studded rally-spec snow tires help considerably, and when the BMW launches over that small crest, we’re certain we hear Santa yelling ho ho ho! Admittedly, it could be our own giddy laughter.

We also know the video comes from Finland with fondest wishes for happy Christmas all around the world. It was posted to YouTube before Santa’s annual December 25 tour of the globe, but as we bid adieu to the dumpster fire that was 2020, we thought this would be a nice way to wish our car-crazy followers a happy new year.

May your days be merry and bright, and sometimes, viewed through the side window in an endless opposite-lock ballet. See you in 2021.


Videos Nettirabbi via YouTube

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