Sandy Munro Shows Us How A Battery Pack With 4680 Tesla Cells Might Look

The engineer created a model to try to show the advantages the new cells may present.

It is possible nobody got more excited about Tesla Battery Day than Sandy Munro – apart from the fans honking the Teslas in front of Elon Musk after anything he said. Munro had better reasons to be thrilled. He almost got the size of Tesla’s new cells right, and he saw Tesla promise to do something he had anticipated in 2017: mega castings. Munro was so enthusiastic he even created a model of the battery pack with 4680 cells.

To do that, he asked one of the guys at Munro & Associates to buy two-inch dowels, cut them in the right size, paint them in silver, and put them in a current empty Tesla battery pack shell. Although it was just to give us an idea of what it will probably look like, that was helpful to visualize what Musk presented at Tesla Battery Day.