Samsung preparing test production line to make 4680 batteries for Tesla – mass production in Malaysia? –

Battery manufacturer Samsung SDI is understood to be preparing a pilot production line at its plant in Cheonan, South Korea for the test production of batteries destined for Tesla, to be followed by mass production likely to be in Malaysia, according to The Elec.

The battery to be trialled for production at the Korean site is the 4680, denoting its 46 mm diameter and 80 mm length, and Samsung SDI will be verifying this battery technology within the year, the publication wrote.

The Samsung SDI pilot production line for the 4680 batteries in Cheonan, South Korea will have an annual capacity of just under 1 GWh, however expectations are high enough that the company could grow production of these new batteries to an annual capacity of 8 GWh to 12 GWh.

Beyond the initial pilot production, the mass production of the 4680 batteries will likely take place at the Samsung SDI plant in Seremban, Malaysia, according to The Elec.

If the trials prove successful, Samsung could join other battery manufacturers such as Panasonic and LG in supplying Tesla its next-generation batteries, according to Teslarati.

The 4680 format battery was introduced by Tesla in September 2020 as a tabless battery cell design at its Battery Day event, and this battery was touted to offer gains of five times the energy density and six times the power for a 16% improvement in battery range in electric vehicles.

Sources told The Elec that Samsung SDI is preparing more than one version of the battery cells where one of the versions of the 46 mm-diameter cell will be shorter than 80 mm-tall 4680 battery cell, and this is reportedly being requested by BMW, according to the publication.

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