Rumor: Nissan In Talks With U.S. Startup To Offer Electric Titan Pickup Truck

Nissan Titan EV with a powertrain from Hercules Electric Vehicles and Hercules Alpha based on the Nissan Titan?

According to Bloomberg‘s unofficial sources, Nissan soon might also join the growing number of manufacturers that are working on a full-size electric pickup for the U.S. market.

The Japanese company reportedly is in talks with Hercules Electric Vehicles startup (founded in 2018). Hercules would like to offer a “rugged luxury” pickup called Hercules Alpha (from mid-2022).

Nissan would buy “a battery-electric powertrain” from Hercules Electric Vehicles to use in the EV version of its Titan model, while Hercules Electric Vehicles would use Titan parts in its project. Now we understand why the Hercules Alpha was so similar to the Nissan Titan in the visualizations.

Anyway, if the two companies sign the deal, we can add two new electric pickups in the pipeline – Nissan Titan EV and probably a niche, luxury model from Hercules.

Hercules Alpha