Road Trip Fail: Tesla Model S Gets Stuck In Snow, Battery Drops To Zero

The deep snow was too much for the Model S, but another route opened up. Can the car make it to the nearest charger though?

Electric car road trips can be challenging at times and this is an exampled of that. With an already limited range due to the battery being mostly depleted, this Tesla Model S is stuck on snow-covered roads. Eventually, a different route is chosen and the Model S makes it out of the snow, but will the car make it to the Supercharger before running out of juice?

According to My Tesla Adventure, the uploader of this video, the road trip started off as planned with the car charged to nearly 100%. However, soon after the trip got off course due to road closures from snowfall. That’s when a bunch of detours were taken, which started to diminish the car’s range.

This video shows just one attempt to get out of the area in which the S got snowed in. According to My Tesla Adventure, several other attempts were made on other roads. This again depleted range much more than anticipated at the start of the trip.

Eventually, a road was clear enough for exit and off the Tesla went. But with all of the detours and attempts to plow through the snow, would the Model S have enough range left to get to the Supercharger? Watch the video to find out, but we’ll clue you in on the fact that the battery % does indeed hit zero.

Video description via My Tesla Adventure on YouTube:

I went on a road trip to get outside and things did not go according to plan. I got stuck in snow and ran my battery down to zero.

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