Rivian R1T Pickup, R1S SUV To Challenge Tesla Cybertruck, Model X

Rivian will likely be Tesla’s strongest competitor in multiple vehicle segments.

With the future launch of the Rivian R1T pickup truck and R1S electric SUV, Rivian will challenge the Tesla Cybertuck and Model X head on. Will one automaker dominate the other? Or are each different enough that Rivian will be able to rise up and join Tesla at the top of the ranks in the electric vehicle world?

Like Tesla, Rivian aims to make only electric vehicles, starting with the R1T electric pickup truck. This vehicle is set to launch late this year, though the coronavirus and the factory shutdown for Rivian may impact the timeline. Following the R1T is the R1S electric SUV, scheduled for 2021.

The R1T boasts specs on par with the Tesla Cybertruck and it should arrive on the market before Tesla’s truck. This may give the R1T the first-mover advantage in the electric pickup truck space. However, the Cybertruck is expected to be much cheaper and far more revolutionary than the R1T. We can’t overlook the R1T’s tank-turning ability though.

Moving to the R1S and Model X matchup, we think Rivian will have the clear edge here. The Model X is growing a bit old and sales have diminished, whereas the all-new R1S brings a fresh look, phenomenal specs, ruggedness and seating for 7.

So, perhaps the truck edge goes to Tesla while Rivian gets the electric SUV crown. The real winner here will be the buyers though. More selection and more superb electric vehicle offerings means that the market size will increase and buying options will too.

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In this episode, we will take a look at the race for supremacy in the electric vehicle market. Tesla are the current leaders, however, a number of competitors are springing up in the motor industry.

Rivian is the latest newcomer in the EV space and they are here to challenge the giant that is Tesla. We also take a look at some of the upcoming EV’s from the legacy carmakers.


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