Rich Rebuilds Continues Cyberquad Project, Starts Work On The Body

It looks like Rich’s Cyberquad is going to look quite authentic in the end, even if its body will be made out of plastic

Rich Rebuilds has been working recreate the Tesla Cyberquad that drove onto the bed of the Cybertruck during the latter’s reveal event for over two months. After sourcing the frame from a used Yamaha ATV (the exact one Tesla used to create the actual Cyberquad) and the motor and battery pack out of a Zero electric motorbike, he and his team set about putting it all together.

In the latest video dedicated to this build, they continue work on the Cyberquad’s body and from what we can see, it looks like it’s going to look quite authentic. In order to look like the real deal, they need to hide most of the screws that hold everything together, on top of fabricating each and every piece.

One thing starts to be quite apparent as this Cyberquad takes shape – there are a lot of sharp edges and pointy bits that don’t really make it especially safe to ride. But since the body is made out of ABS plastic sheets, it won’t be as dangerous as if it were made out of metal (for either the rider or people that could potentially be run over by it).

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