Renault Group Halts Production At 12 Sites in France Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

Groupe Renault announced the suspension of production in France at 12 sites due to the Covid-19 pandemic until further notice. Renault officially announced that it will be suspending the entire production activities at its French industrial facilities for protecting its employees from the COVID-19 pandemic, that has been spreading swiftly across the global. The steps taken by the Renault Group is in compliance with the measures taken by the French government to counter the spread of the virus. Renault is not the first company to shut operations. Carmakers like Ferrari, Ford, FCA, Maserati, Ford and even Volkswagen have shut operations at specific locations to control the spread of the virus

The cessation of production activities at the industrial sites in France will remain in effect until further notice or depending on the evolution of the health situation. The suspension of the production activities will affect 18,000 employees across 12 sites in France.

Renault has 12 manufacturing sites in France

The Group also highlighted that the production continuity at other plants in the European countries will depend on the situation in each country. And, necessary steps will be taken, if required. The Group focuses to re-initiate the production activities at the 12 sites once the situation permits. The company is also planning to implement all the necessary measures effectively in response to the commercial demand.

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