Ready.Set.Van Ram Promaster Gets Kitchenette And Tesla Battery Tech

A camper with Tesla batteries and a big inverter to power all your toys, even off the grid.

Ready.Set.Van built its first RV out of a school bus, outfitted specifically for the Burning Man music and arts festival. Lessons from that big brute led directly to this, the much smaller Ready.Set.Van Ram ProMaster, a camper van that borrows a Tesla battery module to provide long-lasting, reliable power off-grid.

While the RSV ProMaster keeps its internal combustion engine to actually propel the van, the Tesla module – which measures 5.2 kilowatt-hours – manages “house power.” The interior lights, induction cooktop, 80-liter refrigerator, hot water heater (if equipped), and more take energy from the battery module via a 3,000-watt inverter; 400-watt solar panels help keep the system juiced, as do shore power hookups and an alternator charger.

The least expensive Ready.Set.Van upgrade package, the Basecamp, is $33,750 excluding the cost of the van. Included is the Tesla battery package, as well as a rear-mounted bed, elevated above a spacious cargo hold accessed from the van’s rear doors. This “garage” is large enough for two mountain bikes and other cargo essentials. The Basecamp also includes an electric cooktop, refrigerator, and both overhead and kitchen cabinets. A composting or portable toilet is available. However, it doesn’t get a water heater or integrated shower, making do instead with a handheld outdoor shower fixture, accessible from the garage.