Proton X50 with ATLAS OS by ACO Tech video tour – improved UI; enhanced voice recognition and features –

The Proton X50 is set to receive ATLAS (an acronym for ACO Tech Local Automotive Services) via an over-the-air update (OTA) soon. The Malaysian-developed infotainment operating system (OS) was first announced back in September 2021 and was recently launched in early-June this year, bringing with it significant improvements over the previous Geely Smart Ecosystem (GKUI).

In this video, Hafriz Shah highlights some of key features of the ATLAS OS, including its new user interface, improved voice recognition as well as improvements to the navigation system, among many other things.

Running on the open-source Android 10 platform, ATLAS OS also incorporates a digital voice assistant that can better handle natural speech, along with an app store that will, in the future, include Spotify following ACO Tech’s partnership with the popular music streaming service.

Users will also have other streaming services available to them like Joox and Astro’s Syok, as well as be able to personalise the system however they see fit. The ATLAS OS also supports phone mirroring and is deeply integrated into the vehicle, allowing users to adjust things like climate control, safety features and check on the vehicle’s status.

So, spend some time to find out more about ATLAS OS by watching the video and and let us know what you think of the improved infotainment system, which will soon make its way to X50 cars in Malaysia.

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