Proton website now supports voice activation for X70

Proton’s attempts to venture deeper into the tech side of things has led to the creation of a new feature on its website – voice activation. Yes, you can now use voice commands to navigate through the X70 on Proton’s website, but the function is currently supported on any Android mobile devices, as well as Google Chrome desktop browser.

Unfortunately, users with iOS devices or Safari on MacOS will have to wait until further notice. Chrome on MacOS works, though. Now, the voice activation function is only limited to the X70 model, and it all starts with the familiar “Hi Proton” command. Interestingly, it’s not a full voice controlled system. You’ll still need to click (or tap if you’re on the phone) on the microphone icon, before being prompted to seven preset commands.

It’s far from the most sophisticated thing you’ve experience, but it’s convenient and easy to use. Just remember to enable the microphone function when prompted and you’re good to go. You may start experiencing it, here. What do you think? Cool, right?

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