Proton Iriz R5 livery competition – stay home, colour!

While some car companies are releasing colouring images to take people’s minds off the coronavirus outbreak, others are turning it into a competitive sport. One of those doing the latter is Mellors Elliot Motorsport (MEM), the British outfit managing Proton’s overseas rallying efforts.

The Bakewell rally team is holding a livery competition using the Proton Iriz R5 as a base. The contest is split into two categories – one for “big kids” with a solitary front three-quarter shot of the car, and the other for “little kids” using a blueprint. The latter is actually a better base for developing a livery, but we digress.

Participants are free to design whatever livery they’d want if they owned one, either by printing out the images and drawing on them or rendering them digitally. Once completed, they can post their artwork on MEM’s social media pages. The winner will receive a Proton Motorsport fleece.

Thinking about entering? You’d better hurry, as entries close March 31. Go ahead and try it, and as usual we hope that you stay safe and please, stay home.

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