Porsche Taycan Range Test Crushes EPA Rating: This Time Gets 300-Mile range

We’re detecting a trend here.

Ever since the Porsche Taycan’s range ratings were published, there’s been a great deal of discussion on the topic. We’ve had the opportunity to drive a Taycan on a couple occasions and have formed the impression that the EPA range rating is more conservative for the Taycan than it seems to be on most other EVs. 

Back in January, we drove a Taycan Turbo from Atlanta, Georgia to Daytona, Florida, and averaged 240 miles per charge over the trip. That’s 20% better than the Turbo’s 201 mile EPA range rating. It’s important to note that we didn’t really try to achieve a good range, as we were driving 70 – 80 mph, and having some fun with the car during the 450-mile drive. 

So it really comes as no surprise that veteran automobile journalist, Dan Edmunds, recently drove a Taycan 4S well beyond the EPA rating of 203 miles per charge. It is a little surprising, just how far past the EPA rating that his range test came up with, though.

Edmunds has a route that he tests the EVs that he gets on media loan, which is about a 209-mile loop. He uses the same course so he has a constant route to compare the range of the various cars he tests. 

Recently, he ran a Taycan Turbo on the course and finished with 78 miles of estimated range remaining for an impressive total range of 287 miles. He wanted to see how the Taycan 4S would compare to the Turbo, so he secured a loan from Porsche, and took it to the route.