Porsche Taycan Called 'Craziest Electric Car' By Popular Tech Reviewer

We get an interesting perspective from this tech-focused reviewer.

The Porsche Taycan has been called a lot of things, but this might be the first review to call it “crazy”, but it seems like that was meant to mean crazy-good. Popular YouTube tech-reviewer Justin Tse has over a half a million subscribers to his channel, so he must be crazy-good at what he does. He typically doesn’t do car reviews, in fact, the Porsche Taycan was his first car review he’s ever done. 

But don’t let that prevent you from checking out his video review. Tse actually puts out an excellent review that’s different from all of the other reviews we’ve seen. Perhaps it’s partly because he doesn’t normally review cars, or because he’s so good at reviewing tech items and let’s face it, the Taycan is just as much tech as it is car. 

We really appreciate his thoughts on how the user interface works. Being a tech reviewer, that’s his comfort zone and he really thoroughly reviews and explains the Taycan’s UI, probably better than how most automotive reviewers do. 

You’ll notice Tse doesn’t go deeply into some of the things that most car reviewers do when they get the chance to drive a new car, like the handling, the braking system and even how the Taycan has a unique two-gear transmission. He focuses on talking about what he knows best, and that’s what makes this video so good and unique.  

So check out the video and let us know if you liked it as much as we did.

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