Porsche Gave David Patterson A Taycan Turbo S: What's It Like To Live With?

He doesn’t have the first clue about electric cars, so this is quite eye-opening.

You may not know who David Patterson is. He’s popular on social media and among the younger generation. Patterson – who calls himself That Dude In Blue – focuses primarily on car culture and reviewing sports cars, unique rides, and modified vehicles.

Patterson has never actually driven an electric car. He says he took a ride in a Tesla once, but that’s the extent of his experience. Interestingly, Porsche gave Patterson a Taycan Turbo S to spend some time with. What an amazing opportunity and first all-electric experience.

Patterson provides us with his initial thoughts on living with the Taycan. He elaborates on the EV learning process, the incredible driving experience, range anxiety, and his overall thoughts on the future of electric vehicles. It’s all quite interesting considering where he’s coming from. Patterson plans to spend a lot more time with the car and provide an in-depth review in the near future. We’re looking forward to it and will share it with you here.

Video Description via ThatDudeInBlue on YouTube:

Porsche Gave Me a Taycan Turbo S! Living With an Electric Car

Electric cars have always been something I had very limited knowledge about. When it came to big names in the electric car world like Tesla I had taken a ride as a passenger but never got the chance to drive one myself. However it was worth the wait for my first true electric car experience. Porsche was kind enough to lend me the futuristic spaceship that is the brand new Porsche Taycan Turbo S. It’s 0-60 in 2.6 seconds is available at anytime, anywhere, and it does it without breaking a sweat. Before going into my in depth review of the Porsche Taycan I figured I could give you an inside look at my journey of learning the ropes of living with an electric car and find out if it is a truly great driving experience, what range anxiety is like, and what will the future holds for these type of vehicles. Thanks so much for watching and new uploads every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday!


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