Porsche Already Sold More Than 10,000 Taycans

Close to one in ten new Porsches sold is all-electric globally.

Porsche reports that its global car sales is improving, and the overall results after nine months is 191,543 – only 5% less than a year ago.

Sales of the all-electric Taycan model during that period amounted to 10,944, which is 5.7% of the total volume.

According to our data, in the third quarter, Porsche ramped up its Taycan production and sales in 6,464 (8.7% of total), which is more than twice Q2 and more than four times Q1.

It’s great to see that the BEV share is so close to 10%, even before the first Taycan’s derivatives hit the market.

“Porsche was not spared the effects of the coronavirus crisis. However, we look to the future with optimism – in particular thanks to our convincing product range and a continued increase in new orders,”

Assuming Q3 pace, the annual production rate already exceeds 25,000.