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BMW spins out of control narrowly missing police officer on Virginia highway

Drivers can infuriate their fellow motorists for a range of offences, from hogging the middle lane and braking suddenly to poor overtaking, tail-gating, last-minute merging and inconsiderate use of their horn.

A new survey of 2,000 people by car and van insurance firm GoShorty has revealed that BMW drivers are considered to be the rudest motorists in Britain. 

Half of those polled in the national survey said that BMW drivers were the most unpleasant on the road, then Audi drivers with 28 percent.

This was followed by Mercedes-Benz drivers with 17 percent, Land Rover drivers came in fourth with 15 percent and Porsche owners received 11 percent of the vote.

In contrast, Ford motorists were voted as the politest on the road with 21 percent of the vote.


Some 58 percent of respondents said that the brand of car does not matter but the person behind the wheel is at fault.

Meanwhile, 18 percent said drivers have to put themselves first when behind the wheel and 15 percent thought you have to be aggressive to get anywhere.

A previous study by vehicle finance firm Moneybarn in 2021 also found that BMW drivers were the worst. The report said: “It’s clear that BMW drivers have built up quite the reputation for them, hence the joke that BMW’s don’t come with indicators.

“And to hammer home how the rest of the public seems to think about them, a quick internet search for the term ‘why are BMW drivers…’ sees Google suggest results such as ‘so hated’, ‘so arrogant’ and ‘idiots’.”

But what do YOU think? Who are the rudest drivers? Vote in our poll and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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