POLL: Do you think cyclists should own the road or should drivers have priority?

Jeremy Vine panelists criticise 'snitching busybody' cyclist

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The new Highway Code and recent fines slapped on motorists have reignited the debate in Britain over who should have priority on the nation’s roads – cyclists or motorists. Last month, a driver was fined £417 and received five points for driving at “excessive speed” near a cyclist. The incident was captured on the cyclist’s helmet cam and sparked a furious row on social media. 

Police are warning motorists to drive sensibly around cyclists and not to let their frustration lead to dangerous activity behind the wheel, particularly as changes to the Highway Code place the onus on motorists more than ever. 

Bryn Brooker, Head of Road Safety at Nextbase, told Express.co.uk: “All road users should follow the Highway Code, and motorists should take additional caution around more vulnerable road users, such as cyclists or pedestrians.

“The new Highway Code changes, which changes the hierarchy of the road, mean the responsibility is with motorists more than ever.

“They must now take extra caution when overtaking or passing vulnerable road users.

“Where motorists cannot prove they acted properly, it is likely they will take most, if not all, responsibility for damages after an incident.”

You can read the full story HERE. 

So what do YOU think? Who should have the right of way on the road, cyclists or motorists? Vote in our poll and join the debate in the comments below. 

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