Polestar Precept concept teased before official debut

Volvo’s sub-brand Polestar has announced it will unveil the Precept concept on February 25, and has released teasers of the mysterious show car. The carmaker currently has two cars in its line-up, including the Polestar 1 and Polestar 2.

For now, details about the Precept are incredibly scarce, as we only have two images to work with. In both, we see the company’s signature lighting design, with the headlamps appearing to feature the “Thor’s hammer” LED daytime running lights, while the taillights have a thin light strip between the clusters.

It’s hard to tell what form the Precept will take, but it could serve as a preview for the Polestar 3 SUV. The copy on an official page doesn’t assist in this regard, as it merely reads, “Precept: a rule intended to inform behaviour or thought. In other words, a way of declaring how you mean to proceed. Starting as you mean to go on. Stating your intentions up top. A manifesto. It’s also the name for something that takes all of our ambitions and combines them.”

However, it will likely feature an all-electric powertrain as well as a next-generation, Android-powered vehicle infotainment system – the latter is also set to debut on the same date. The dedicated page also points toward the use of sustainable materials, with recycled plastics from PET bottles and discarded finish nets being used to create woven fabrics for the interior.

Also used is cork reclaimed from the wine industry and cork manufacturing process, which form part of the PVC components in the concept. Polestar also partnered with Bcomp, a Swiss-based company, to use natural fibre composites for the rear seat panels. We’ll only know more when Polestar reveals the Precept in a few hours’ time.

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