Polestar 2 Matches Electric Performance With High Levels Of Safety

Polestar: “Safety is of paramount importance for Polestar.”

Polestar is following the Volvo brand in terms of applying a high level of safety to its cars. The company boasts that several new safety features will be available right from the start in the launch edition of Polestar 2.

One of the first things that caught our attention is the SPOC block (Severe Partial Offset Crash) deflector:

“‘SPOC block’ (Severe Partial Offset Crash) – a deflective solid aluminium block housed on the bottom edge of the front firewall on either side of the car, designed to minimise intrusion of the wheel and other objects into the cabin and towards the battery pack during partially offset frontal collisions. Increasing protection in the absence of an internal combustion engine, Polestar 2 also features a new Front Lower Load Path (FLLP) that protects occupants and the battery pack from more direct frontal impacts, for example with a pole.”

The battery pack, fully housed within the floor structure, is enclosed in an aluminum case to protect the battery structure as well as provide high rigidity.