Pavement parking could be banned in weeks under new 2022 rules update

Pavement parking ‘nightmare’ for guide dog users says activist

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The Department for Transport’s consultation into future pavement parking rules came to an end in November 2020. However, no decision or analysis of the results of the consultation has yet been released.

The report confirms a “summary of responses will be published within three months of the consultation closing’ meaning results are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

The new report will show the level of industry support for the three proposals put forward and which one the Government is likely to edge towards.

Option one and two would see improvements to the existing system or give local authorities extra powers to deal with obstructions.

But option three would introduce a nationwide pavement parking prohibition which would see the practice banned across the UK.

This would extend the existing London and Cardiff bans meaning drivers would be fined around £70 for each infringement.

The DfT consultation claimed the option would establish a “general rule” against pavement parking in the country,

They said motorists would benefit from a “consistent rule” that could be followed wherever they went.

New traffic signs and bay markings would be put in place to show drivers where pavement parking was still allowed.

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However, a national ban does come with its drawbacks and could be tough to sell to those in the industry.

PATROL, a joint committee representing 300 local authorities, has warned a nationwide ban is “some way in the future” and instead backed the second option.

IAMRoadSmart has previously warned a nationwide ban could provide a parking headache for drivers across the country.

Instead, they have opposed for local areas to “use their existing powers” more effectively.

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