Parking chaos as neighbour repeatedly parks across drive

The homeowner said new neighbours would be moving in after four weeks of renovations, with builders and other workers attending the house on most days. She told other members of the Mumsnet forum that parking on the street is a “nightmare”, adding that all houses have driveways but very few residents choose to use them.

Although the person who posted on the forum parks on her driveway, she bemoaned the fact that “the world and their dog” choose to park in front of their house all the time.

For around a week, the new neighbours had been parking their two cars on either side of the driveway as they were looking to make their own driveway wider.

The neighbour acknowledged their own parking patterns and has now parked the larger vehicle on their own drive, although the other car is still near their drive, which they described as “annoying”.

The frustrated homeowner said: “Earlier today I came home and they had parked their second car outside their own house and a work van outside ours, again very close to either side of our drive. 

“I managed to get on. Just. Our drive is quite narrow and you need to be at a specific angle to get on in one go.

“I have just looked out now and there are now two work vans. One in front of their car on the road and one completely blocking our drive.”

The neighbour asked the homeowners about the parking situation, which was described as a “nightmare” on multiple occasions, with the old neighbours also parking in front of their drive.

On one occasion the old neighbours had parked in front of the driveway, causing them to miss an important medical appointment.

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She continued, saying: “They commented at how cheeky that was… and yet here we are. 

“They haven’t even moved in yet and already I’m anxious! I have, unfortunately, no reason to go out tonight.

“I really want to nip this in the bud but also don’t want to start parking wars before they even move in!”

She asked fellow forum members whether she was being unreasonable for wanting her neighbours to be more considerate when parking.

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One commenter asked whether it was a dropped kerb, and if so, they said the neighbours were being “complete a****”.

They suggested telling the neighbours not to park across their driveway because they need to come and go frequently.

The commenter added that the neighbours should feel “bad and embarrassed” and urged the driver to challenge them.

One respondent even suggested installing fake CCTV cameras because “people tend to think twice when they are filmed being idiots”.

If someone is blocking another person’s driveway, it can be incredibly frustrating, but their options may be limited.

Rule 243 of the Highway Code states that drivers are not allowed to stop or park in a range of places including “in front of an entrance to a property”.

The only exception to this rule is in the event that a driver is forced to stop or park as a result of stationary traffic.

If drivers know who owns the vehicle blocking the driveway, the police advise people to politely ask them to move it.

If they can’t be found, the next step could be to write a note and leave it on the windscreen as in some instances, the offending vehicle may not realise they have caused an issue.

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