OCDetailing: Tesla Model Y Vs Model 3 – Which Is Better?

OCDetailing shows the Model Y and compares it to the Model 3. Promises to not re-chrome it.

OCDetailing recently released a series of videos about the latest Tesla Model Y Performance, including a direct comparison with the Tesla Model 3, which is a\very important for many customers.

The decision about the purchase of the Model Y or Model 3, of course, depends on what you are looking for in a car. Aside from performance differences (Model 3 is quicker) and availability (long waiting times for the newly launched Model Y), the Model Y brings several new things.

First of all, the Model Y crossover/SUV type is bigger – there is noticeably more space inside, the trunk is bigger and with a wider opening (hatchback), as well as the front trunk is bigger. Moreover, the liftgate of the trunk is powered, while rear seats can be folded by simply using buttons. Because the Model Y is slightly higher (including its seat position), it’s easier to get in and get out. Those are all important factors.

The Model Y also looks great, at least in the top-of-the-line Performance version currently delivered, which sits on huge 21-inch wheels. Those big wheels might be considered by some customers as an unnecessary expense that affects the range and ride comfort though.

The chrome delete is standard on the Model Y, not on the Model 3.

Below we attached more videos from OCDetailing:

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