Nissan Trademarks New Company Logo

Japanese auto giant Nissan has filed for a trademark of a new corporate logo. The trademark is likely replace the existing three-dimensional logo that’s seen on the company’s vehicles and promises an evolution for the brand that’s also going through a major restructuring phase internally. The new logo gets a two-dimensional monochromatic design that will be easier to replicate across multiple platforms, especially in the digital sphere. It gets the familiar Nissan name in the centre with two arcs at the top and bottom respectively. We should note that the automaker did give a glimpse of the new logo with the Nissan Ariya Concept that was unveiled at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show.

The next generation Nissan Z will also get a new badge. The company has also filed for a new Z logo in Canada and New Zealand

In addition, the next generation Nissan Z will also get a new badge. The company has also filed for a new Z logo in Canada and New Zealand. The new all-black Z logo has been done up in a serif font Z with a flourish in the centre and is identical to the badge that was seen on the 1971 240Z. It will replace the current samurai inspired Z logo that was seen on the 350Z and the 370Z over the years.

The new generation Nissan Z is expected to arrive in a year or two and we could see both the new logos adorning the sports car. The new model could get retro-themed styling as well, ergo the classic logo making a comeback. Nissan’s new company logo has been registered in in the UK, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, and Argentina for now.

Traditional automakers are diversifying their business as the automobiles industry has moved up from just making gasoline powered vehicles to developing mobility solutions. There are petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric powertrain options and companies want their logos to communicate this evolution more effectively. More recently Volkswagen and BMW made the switch to new 2D logos, while Skoda already made the change a couple of years ago. Other automakers including Audi and Kia are also said to be changing their logos to communicate this evolution, going forward. It’s not clear when will Nissan introduce the new badge, but we do expect to see it arriving on cars in a year from now.

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