Nissan e-NV200 XL Voltia – 90% more storage volume

Nissan has revealed the new e-NV200 XL Voltia, which is a larger version of its fully-electric e-NV200 panel van. The goods transporter will be produced in three European countries by various partners, including Gruau in France for Western Europe, the Bevan Group for the United Kingdom, and Hollen in Slovakia for Central and Eastern Europe.

According to Nissan, the XL Voltia offers 90% more storage volume at eight cubic metres, which is up from the standard e-NV200’s 4.2 cubic metres. This is largely thanks to the box extension that adds around 50 cm to the vehicle’s length and height, although this does come with some compromise, as the maximum payload is now 120 kg less at 580 kg.

Despite these changes, the load bay width remains the same at 1.22 metres, so you’ll still be able to stuff two Euro pallets in to the van. Also unchanged is the electric drivetrain, which features a front-mounted electric motor with 109 (108 hp) and a 40-kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

The latter comes with familiar charge times, where a 50 kW DC connection (CHAdeMO standard) will see a 20-80% state of charge (SoC) in less than an hour, while with a 7 kW wallbox (Type 1 standard), it takes around seven hours and 30 minutes.

Nissan says the versatility and practicality afforded by the XL Voltia “allows businesses to complete fewer trips on each delivery round, allowing them to streamline operations and save time.” Pricing for the model has yet to be announced, and it’s not known whether existing owners will be able to take their vans in for the conversion.

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