NIO Commences Delivery Of The New ES8

100 kWh battery pack option coming in Q4 2020.

On April 19th, NIO officially started the deliveries of the new ES8 model, which – according to the Chinese manufacturer – boasts over 180 improvements over the first version.

Interestingly, the first unit went to a recurring customer:

“The delivery ceremony was held at the Hefei Advanced Manufacturing Center. William Bin Li, founder, chairman and chief executive officer of NIO, delivered the first all-new ES8 to Mr. Jia, who’s already a user of the ES8 Founders Edition. The all-new ES8 is Mr. Jia’s second NIO car. Out of his recognition and appreciation of NIO, he put the order immediately after the new model was launched.”

Improvements in the 2nd model evolution concern exterior, interior, power, driving range and digital touchpoints, addressing feedback from the users of already 20,000 ES8 sold since June 2018.

It seems the right decision to refresh the ES8, as the sales almost dried up. On the other hand, NIO noted that “the ES8’s sales ranked top 10 in the luxury SUV class as the only Chinese model”.

The most important, EV-related changes, are:

Once the new pack will be ready, it will extend the NEDC range by almost 100 km (62 miles) to 580 km (360 miles) compared to the 84 kWh version.

The acceleration time will be 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.9 seconds, which sounds like 0.5 slower than the time of 4.4 seconds previously.

Just like previously, there are two ES8 layouts:

Prices (regular 7-seater and 6-seater versions on the top and Signature Edition on the bottom)

All-new NIO ES8 specs:

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