Nine Tesla Cybertrucks Spotted At Giga Texas

A new drone flyover of the Tesla Giga Texas plant, on August 13, 2023, brought an interesting view of nine Tesla Cybertrucks parked outside the factory.

All vehicles happened to be covered up, so we can’t say for sure whether they are fully functional vehicles (camouflaged or not) and their purpose. Joe Tegtmeyer, who posted the photos on Twitter (@JoeTegtmeyer) asked for help to identify the vehicles.

“Can anyone help me identify what these vehicles are? All NINE are covered up so it’s really hard to tell. They are in the outbound transportation lot at Giga Texas if that helps any!”

Nine is the highest number of Tesla Cybertrucks seen in one place at once, which probably can be seen as a sign of progress of preparations (tooling) and will make Tesla enthusiasts very happy.

Let’s recall that a limited production of the Cybertruck (customer vehicles) is expected to begin by the end of this year.

A closeup of one of the vehicles shows also a paper label, although details (potentially a VIN number), were too small to be readable.

Interestingly, a few more Tesla Cybertrucks in various stages of assembly were seen also through the windows, inside the plant.

We can assume that together with test vehicles already on the road (in the United States and in other countries like New Zealand), Tesla potentially already has dozens of Cybertrucks.

Some of them are used to test manufacturing line, others to test particular components or vehicles as a whole, while some will be totally destroyed in crash tests (this will be an interesting to see, by the way).

At least one Tesla Cybertruck is a dual purpose vehicle, trolling Ford F-150, but if we remember correct, Ford “started”, about two years ago, appearing at Tesla headquarters.

We are now eagerly waiting for the new video from Joe Tegtmeyer to better see the nine Cybertrucks (we will update this post, once it will be available).

Until then, we can watch a different video, from Brad Sloan, posted yesterday, which shows a single Tesla Cybertruck in the parking lot (before it was joined by eight additional units). Who knows, how many there might be tomorrow then?
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