Next-Gen Mini Electric Teased As Camouflaged Prototype

BMW has been refining its interpretation of the Mini formula for over 20 years and even the very latest model owes a lot to the design of the original reimagined model launched in 2000. And the same can be said of the upcoming all-new model, which was just teased in electric three-door guise, revealing a very evolutionary approach to its design.

If you look closely, you will notice that even though it looks the same, it’s a completely different vehicle with a different stance and revised proportions. The wheels look like they have been pushed towards the corners of the vehicle even more, the windscreen is more slanted and the stance appears wider (with more muscular flanks to match).

When it comes to the design of the front end fascia, we can’t quite tell whether it retains the current model’s basic grille design, but it looks very similar in shape to the one on the recently facelifted Mini hatch. And the same can be said of the rear, which just looks like a tweaked version of what you get in the current model.

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For non-car people, this new Mini, which is expected to debut in 2023, will probably seem identical to the old one, unless you park them alongside one another in order to spot the differences.

Regarding the interior, we were not given a peek inside, but we’re pretty sure we can see a tablet-like screen placed atop the center of the dash, like in most modern cars. Mini is expected to push its models upmarket, even though it is completely giving up on animal-sourced leather, so we should expect the new model to be more luxurious than the one it’s set to replace.

Mini chose an electric version of the new model to tease us with, hinting at the fact that electrification will unsurprisingly play a bigger part in the future lineup than it does today. The current Cooper SE is one of the most fun to drive electric vehicles on the market, but it has a very low range that leaves it trailing behind rivals like the new Fiat 500e or upcoming Chinese rivals bound for Europe, such as the Ora Cat.

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