Neighbours leave ‘rude note’ on car for parking across two spaces even though she can

Bakewell resident says that parking 'is a nightmare'

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Parking spaces are one of the most heated topics for discussion, especially when someone has taken another driver’s space. But one driver was put in an interesting position when she was confronted with a note after she parked across two parking spaces.

A Reddit user questioned whether she was in the wrong for parking across two parking spaces.

She says she lives with her husband in an apartment complex which has an underground parking facility.

As part of their rent agreement, they pay for two parking spaces, but the couple only have one vehicle.

She added: “The parking area underneath the block is quite tight and one of our spots is next to a corner wall.

“However when someone parks in the next corner wall it overlaps our spot. 

“This means it’s quite hard to get our car in and out sometimes.

“Recently people have been parking in our second spot and we’ve had to leave notes to politely ask people not to do this.”

As a way to counter the notes, her husband started to park across both of the spaces, ensuring that the car is in the middle of the two.

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As a result of this, one of the neighbours left a “rude note” on the car saying they shouldn’t park in that manner.

She added: “Our neighbours might think we are s****y for using both with one car – but it’s s*****er of them to park in our spot!”

She again then questioned whether the couple was doing the wrong thing by parking across two spaces.

Other Reddit users seemed to take the woman’s side, arguing that since they are paying for two spaces, they can be used however they like.

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One user said they weren’t in the wrong, adding: “You rent a two bedroom house and you’re single doesn’t mean you owe a room to someone without one.”

Another user agreed, saying: “Not [in the wrong] if the note-leaver doesn’t know you own both spots.

“Leave a note or post a little sign that both spots are yours.

“You paid for them, you can park two cars, one car, a skateboard or a begonia there if you want.”

However, not everyone was on her side, with one Reddit user saying: “Honestly, if you don’t need two spots [you’re at fault] for having two spots that other people obviously need because they’re parking there.

“Then you rub it in everyone’s face by parking like that.”

Generally, the commenters agreed that the driver was well within her right to park how she is.

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