‘Move your car’: Driver hit with parking note from furious neighbour after blocking road

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The motorist, from Edinburgh, discovered a large cardboard sign on the windscreen of their car on Friday morning (July 29). The individual had parked their car over a lane in Leith in the north of the Scottish capital.

A grey Volkswagen can be seen parked on the road, with its bonnet sticking out over the entranceway.

The lane is very narrow, with cars parked along the left-hand side, leaving only a small amount of space for other cars to drive in and out of.

Given where the car was parked, anyone trying to access the lane would have had a difficult time manoeuvring around the vehicle.

Making their feelings known, the neighbour left a note in bold letters on the car’s windscreen.

It read: “Pls move your car. 

“It’s blocking the lane.” (sic)

One of the local residents said someone must have grown frustrated with the parking and left a note to get it to stop.

They added: “To be fair, people park where they want down this street. You see cars double-parked all the time.”

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“I think it might be the last street before the city centre without permit parking so it’s basically a commuter car park.

They also said tourists staying in the area often park there, too.

Speaking to Edinburgh Live, the resident added: “Clearly someone has had enough and slapped a note on.”

In the images, there don’t appear to be any yellow lines, although they are still blocking another road.

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According to West Midlands Police, drivers should also inform their local police force if a road or pavement is being obstructed.

They give examples including parked vehicles, builders skipped, illegal signage or overhanging tree branches.

Elsewhere, a driver spoke of her anger after her neighbour fenced off access to her own parking space.

As reported by Express.co.uk, a woman questioned what her actions could be after she was blocked from accessing her parking space.

The driver, who used to spend 30 seconds walking from her house to her car, now has to spend five minutes to make it to the vehicle.

Writing on Mumsnet, the frustrated homeowner said that she shared a gate with her neighbour on their terrace which allowed them to access the car parking area.

She claimed the use of the gate shared by her and her neighbour meant that the woman had to cross around 30 centimetres into the neighbour’s garden.

The arrangement has existed for around 17 years when the current garden and parking area configuration was created because another development was being built.

Many suggested that she should talk with the neighbour to see if they would be able to come to a resolution to how things were previously.

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