Motorists warned of having ‘dangerous’ clutter in cars – avoid huge fines

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Spring and cleaning go hand in hand, and whilst many tend to focus on their home, it’s just as important to make sure that the car is in a safe and drivable condition this spring, an expert has said. Having clutter inside the car can be dangerous and distracting while driving, and it could lead to road incidents that may otherwise be avoided, as well as huge fines.

Jamie Louram, Halfords Car Cleaning Buyer, has recently shared his advice on what to look out for to make sure cars are clean, tidy, and most importantly safe to drive.

Mr Louram said: “Whilst there is no fine for having a messy interior, clutter if bad enough can also fall under the careless driving rule leading to a fine of up to £100.”

He added: “As a general rule, keep your car clutter-free to avoid any dangerous situations such as things getting stuck under the brake pedal or blocking your view.

“If you do tend to err on the side of messy when it comes to your car, a bin is a great solution.”

The expert also highlighted the importance of having clean mirrors.

Mr Louram said: “It’s crucial to check that your mirrors are clean and clear every time you use your car, as anything that may obstruct your vision will make it dangerous to drive.”

Motorists could also face fines of up to £1000 if the outside of the car is dirty.

Drivers have been urged to make sure that their number plates are fully visible, and that their windscreens are clear and clean without any chips or breaks.

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Mr Louram said: “Any kind of dirt or grime on the windscreen can be incredibly dangerous as it can impact your view of the road ahead.

“In some instances having a dirty windscreen could be seen as careless driving and land motorists with a fine of up to £100 and points on the license if an accident occurs as a result.

“Grime can build up on the windscreen over time, so give it a good wash to ensure visibility is at its optimum whilst out on the roads.”

Motoring experts have also been providing tips on how to keep your car clean and organised.

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