Motorists urged to park on rented driveways to save money on airport parking ‘chaos’

Martin Lewis gives key airport parking advice on his money show

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As thousands of holidaymakers face the prospect of flight delays and cancellations, savvy drivers can avoid the misery of airport car parks. Drivers can park on pre-booked rented driveways close to airports across the UK, saving motorists the time and hassle of parking at airports.

In recent weeks, airline bosses have slashed approximately 30,000 jobs since the start of the pandemic, having employed 74,000 people in 2019.

Thousands of jobs have also been cut from airports and aviation support activities, which used to employ another 66,000 people.

The cuts have wreaked havoc on many holidaymakers, with thousands of flights cancelled already, with delays being seen at most major airports around the UK.

Harrison Woods, CEO at YourParkingSpace, advised drivers that other alternatives were available, and potentially less stressful.

He said: “Often, there is too much financial baggage that comes along with going abroad.

“The disappointment of a delayed or cancelled flight can often be enough to ruin a holiday, and to be met with a hefty parking charge on return to the UK will be yet another bitter pill to swallow for beleaguered holidaymakers.

“The risk of not being able to find a space or being left with a hole in your pocket is one most motorists will quite rightly not want to take, with parking on rented driveways a resourceful way to sidestep the potential car park chaos this summer.

“The sharp inflation shock has left a hole in the pocket of many families, leading them to become more prudent with their purses. 

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“But by renting out their empty driveway, those feeling the financial squeeze can offset any extra outgoings.”  

They also warn that further chaos at airports could be expected.

At official airport car parks, many vehicles may be left unattended for longer than expected, leading to a shortage of spaces.

If this does happen, many holidaymakers could return to the UK, only to be met with a hefty parking charge.

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It is estimated that Britons could slash their holiday parking bill by as much as 85 percent with YourParkingSpace by parking on rented driveways.

According to the service, the greatest airport parking savings can be achieved at London Luton Airport.

Official car parking in Luton costs £188.88 from October 23 until October 30.

In comparison, the cheapest local space available through YourParkingSpace would cost just £27.56.  

But it’s not just the airports near the capital where the idea of renting empty pre-booked driveways is taking off. 

Savings of up to three-quarters can be made at spaces near Birmingham airport, while jetsetters travelling from Manchester airport can make savings of up to 71 percent. 

Money saving expert Martin Lewis advised drivers on how they save money when parking at airports.

He said: “When parking at the airport, book ahead. Even if it’s on the day.

“Better still, book earlier and there are comparison sites for that too.”

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