Motorists urged to keep emergency kit in car as ‘unpredictable’ weather could cause havoc

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The Met Office forecasts temperatures to drop this morning, with some areas seeing temperatures nearing freezing point. In the last week, millions of drivers have been affected by the winter weather, especially with the prevalence of Storm Arwen.

The storm caused lasting power outages in some parts of the country and brought strong winds, heavy rain and snow across much of the UK.

With temperatures expected to stay low over the weekend and into next week, motorists are advised to keep a bag of essentials in their car to brace themselves for further cold weather. More colder temperatures could lead to icier roads and thus an increased risk of accidents on the road.

In the event of a breakdown, drivers are recommended to keep a collection of items on hand to help remedy the situation.

An emergency car kit is advised for any time of the year, although it may be the most effective in the winter.


Boots or wellies will be useful when it comes to the initial journey, with snow and flooding a possibility over this winter.

A high visibility jacket is also needed if the driver or passenger needs to leave the car for any particular reason.

Things like a blanket and a warm jacket will be key if a driver has the misfortune of breaking down.

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Before setting off

Snow equipment can come in handy when going on a journey, with de-icer and a windscreen scraper both vital.

As with any car, a first aid kit should be readily available, containing basic medical items, as well as a powerful torch.

If it is a long journey, drivers could take snacks, water and a phone charger and a battery pack just in case there are long delays or they are stranded.

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