Motorists turn their car into a temporary office for coronavirus lockdown in latest craze

Office workers can get away from their homes and use their vehicles as separate working space under radical plans. Purchasing an additional desk attachment will easily fit a keyboard and laptop while a mouse can be balanced on storage space between the driver and passenger seats. 


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The unique desk mount can be purchased for just under a tenner and can transform a vehicle to provide much needed space for cramped families during the crisis. 

Experts also say motorists could even fit a printer in their glove box and use their boot as a temporary filing cabinet. 

Images of some road users sharing their car office setups have been posted on social media as business people worked out unique ways to work. 

Daniel Beckeneier revealed his car office from inside his BMW with a laptop positioned between the har stick and dashboard. 

He said: “Doing, ‘Car Office’ from the parking lot today… Not so ergonomic, but if it works it ain’t stupid.”

Car experts at Select Car Leasing says motorists could even add their own Wifi hotspot by using affordable signal boosters. 

Some modern vehicles already offer their own unique internet hotspots so vehicle owners can get started straight away. 

Vehicle owners can add a power inverter to charge their laptops or mobile phones and could turn on their engine as an extra power source in emergencies. 

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Mark Tongue, director of elect car Leasing says working from a car could prove vital for a quiet conference call or to focus on time-sensitive deadlines. 

He said: “We are seeing on social media quite a few people transforming vehicles that are parked up on the driveway into working-from-home sanctuaries. 

“It seems to be an especially handy option for those who need quiet time for a conference call without the kids screaming in the background.

“Workers trying to focus on pressing deadlines can also hop in their cars and get on with the job in peace.”


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Motorists should not be using their vehicles except for essential journeys under the new coronavirus lockdown rules. 

The government views essential purposes as shopping for food or medicines, travelling to work if you are a key worker or helping vulnerable residents. 

Police can issue fines of up to £60 to motorists caught travelling for non-essential reasons although fines can be reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days. 

However, simply using the office on your driveway could have benefits for many who are bored of staying inside their homes. 

Psychotherapist Lohani Noor says vehicles can be used for therapy sessions and offer escapism from the home. 

She said: “I’m actively encouraging people to think of all their resources during this very stressful time, and one of the best for privacy and downtime is your car or van. 

“If you’ve got a vehicle you have got space outside your house to get some privacy. The car is a really big mental health resource right now.”

Working in your car could remind yourself to regularly start an engine to keep the car’s battery well maintained. 

Car batteries are likely to become flat if not used for a prolonged period under lockdown and must be turned on regularly to charge. 

The AA says an engine should be charged at least once a week and allowed to run for around 15 minutes to allow for a proper top-up. 

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