MOT tests prices will rise by up to four percent within just weeks in ‘double whammy’

DVSA explains 2018 MOT test changes

Experts have urged drivers to secure vital work before the end of the transition period to avoid the extra charges. The extra tariffs and the remaining millions of MOT backlogs mean drivers face being hit by a “double whammy” within weeks.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) warns a no-deal exit would see average tariffs rise by four percent on components.

They want this could cost the sector up to £875million per year for the import of parts with added costs set to be passed onto consumers.

Professor Jim Saker, Director of the Centre for Automotive Management at Loughborough University warned the changes could lead to the “perfect storm” in the new year.

He said: “The potential for prices to rise as parts and sub-assemblies are moved into and out of Europe will undoubtedly give rise to price increases.

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“The car industry relies on a ‘Just in Time’ approach to virtually every aspect of its work and with the Government predicting problems at ports such as Dover, parts supply could easily be interrupted.

“With the COVID MOT backlog and Brexit, the car service industry faces a perfect storm in the early part of next year.”

Fixter, one of the UK’s leading garage operators, has warned costs could “really start to add up” once tariffs have been applied.

A new service for a popular Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 would increase to £322 compared to £308 which could be a concern for cash-strapped motorists.

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Meanwhile, a Full Service on a BMW 5 Series would rise from £201 to £210 under the new tariffs.

Ford Focus owners who wish to undergo an interim service would see prices increase from £129 to £134.

Major service work on a fancy Mercedes Benz C Class will rise by £15 from £35 to £350 within weeks.

The added costs could see some cash-strapped road users struggling to pay for services which can have devastating consequences.

Driving a car without an MOT test could see drivers fined up to £1,000 with car insurance agreements likely invalidated.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) can automatically detect offenders meaning drivers have a slim chance of escaping punishment.

In a desperate bid to soften the blow for road users in the new year, Fixter is offering parts protection guarantee for January 2021.

This will cover any increases in car parts used in MOT tests or regular car services in the new year.

They say this will give car owners valuable price of mind in uncertain times until drivers get their head around the changes.

Limvirak Chea, co-founder and CEO at Fixter said motor tests may see “exponential rises” in servicing costs.

She has urged drivers to book their cars in as soon as possible to avoid any price rises or supply issues.

Ms Chea said: “The effects of a potential no-deal Brexit and additional tariffs on the UK vehicle parts supply chain, coupled with the millions of cars awaiting delayed MOTs could create the perfect storm for exponential rises in car servicing and maintenance costs.

“At a time when people are understandably counting every penny, we are urging UK car owners and fleet managers to book their cars in now to avoid future price rises and potential supply issues.”

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