Morrisons offering drivers 5p off petrol and diesel at the pumps

Woolwich resident says petrol prices are 'astronomical'

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Morrisons is helping its customers save money at the petrol and diesel pumps by offering 5p off every litre of fuel. All motorists who spend £40 in-store between Thursday, September 29 and Sunday, October 9 will be given a coupon.

This will allow them to save 5p on every litre of fuel purchased.

British motorists will then have until Sunday, October 16 to spend it.

The voucher will be valid at all of Morrisons’ 339 filling stations across the UK.

In addition to the fuel deal, Morrisons has also reduced the prices on 150 of its most popular products to help make customers’ money go further. 

The lower prices cover nearly six percent of Morrisons total volume sales and offer an average saving of 14 percent per product.

Rachel Eyre, Chief Customer & Marketing Officer at Morrisons, praised the move, saying it would help drivers massively.

She said: “Fuel prices are one of the biggest expenses people across the UK are facing as the cost of living increases. 

“We want to help our customers save money wherever we can and hope this offer can help make budgets go a little further.”

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Morrisons has invested over £100million per annum to cut these prices and leveraged its own manufacturing sites to help customers as the cost of living crisis continues to impact household grocery budgets. 

Morrisons have previously helped drivers slash the price of fuel, as seen in August.

The supermarket chain announced it had cut the cost of unleaded and diesel by an average of six pence a litre.

Andrew Ball, Fuel Operations Manager at Morrisons, said at the time: “It’s the summer holidays and we know how tough the current cost of living is for our customers. 

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“So we hope this fuel price reduction will help motorists to save money at this challenging time.”

Another scheme was launched in February to help drivers slash their bills.

Drivers will benefit massively from the move in addition to the slowly falling petrol and diesel prices.

According to RAC Fuel Watch, average petrol prices have dropped to 163.47p per litre, while diesel motorists struggle with costs of 180.43p per litre.

Diesel drivers with larger tanks may save up to £5 per refill with the new Morrisons deal.

The required £40 customer offer excludes certain items including fuel, tobacco, lottery products and postage stamps.

The deal also excludes any franchised Morrisons Daily petrol stations. 

Morrisons has 497 stores across the UK, with more than 95,000 employees.

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