More 20mph speed limit roads to be rolled out across the UK

UK motorways: Highways England warns drivers of speed limits

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Earlier this year, the Welsh Government backed plans for the nation to slash speed limits on all residential roads in the country. It is hoped the driving law changes will lower road collisions and pollution rates across the country.

The changes to the speed limits will come into effect in September 2023, with certain exceptions expected to be made later on in the planning process.

The new rules apply to “restricted roads” which are those that have lamp posts placed less than 200 yards apart.

In what is believed to be a world first, Wales could become the first country to slash residential speed limits.

A handful of other areas across the UK are now also looking at slashing speed limits.

Glasgow is set to become a default 20mph city as the council prepares to spend £4.5million to slow drivers down on residential streets.

The roll-out of 20mph streets is due to come into force by 2024 or 2025 with the limit to be considered the normal speed across neighbourhoods.

Glasgow’s city centre became a 20mph zone on March 21, 2016, with further changes expected in the coming years.

The scheme could be introduced sooner as discussions are underway with Transport Scotland about the city becoming a pilot for a “national delivery” of 20mph zones, STV reported.

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SNP Councillor Angus Millar said: “I can confirm the council has secured funding to support our planned roll out of the default 20mph residential speed limits.

“Glasgow’s ambition to become a default 20mph city has also been taken up at a national level.”

He added that he was “keen” to see the timescale for rollout accelerated with officers investigating how it could be done quicker.

Another area of Scotland is looking into the possibility of introducing 20mph speed limits.

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The Scottish Borders Council (SBC) has a consultation in place until the end of September, asking motorists their thoughts on the scheme.

However, the consultation has been met with anger from the locals, with the council having to ban emails because of abuse.

As a result, it is now only accepting postal letters, with a council spokesperson saying a lot of the emails were “unacceptable”.

The council used £1.2million from the Scottish Government to introduce the speed limits to 97 settlements in October 2020.

A study has found that since then, the speed in towns and villages has dropped by between three and six miles per hour.

Hampshire County Council has formed a task force to review its policy on 20mph speed limits across the county.

Currently, policy measures restrict the implementation of new 20mph zones, but that may soon change.

If accepted, the speed limit changes would apply to all roads surrounding schools, roads routinely used as cycling and walking routes to schools and residential areas with restricted pavements.

A spokesperson said speeding is one of the most regular concerns from locals, with hopes that it would be addressed by speed limit rule changes.

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