Mood Grille Will Make Your Tesla Model 3 Look Like This

Want your Model 3 to resemble a BMW or to feature the face of Elon Musk? Mood Grille has you covered.

Mood Grille thinks Tesla Model 3 owners would like the front of their car to look like a BMW or to show the face of Elon Musk or even to look much worse.

Mood Grille is a rather expensive decal and the idea is that you can change the look of your Model 3 to suit your mood. So, let’s say that one day you’d like your Model 3 to resemble a BMW and the next day you’d prefer your car to display the face of Elon Musk. Mood Grille has you covered. Just simply peel off one decal and place the other one on.

Check out some of the examples below:

Gallery: Mood Grilles On Tesla Model 3

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Each Mood Grille will run you approximately $99, so changing your mood isn’t exactly cheap. 

As Mood Grille explains, these decals will allow you to drive with attitude. The company goes into further detail on each decal. For example, the American flag Mood Grille is described as follows:

A dynamic US flag for an All American EV.

Make sense, but the description for the grille that makes your Tesla look like a BMW is a bit odd:

When we thought of doing designs for blank Tesla Model 3 grilles, this Beemer Grille was what we had in mind All those Beemer drivers will think you’re one of them. Until you wax them when the light turns green.

As is the one that transforms your Tesla into a Dodge clone:

If you’ve ever wanted to sneak up on all those ICE pickup trucks around you before you leave them in your dust, apply our Dodge This grill enhancer to your Model 3.

Mood Grille offers even more options to fit your mood, such as Global Rise, Finish Lined, Mustachio and more. You can check out the entire lineup of moody grilles at the source link below.


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